Who We Are

A Christian Nonprofit Organization that focuses on giving loving support to aged-out orphans, especially in Korea, through educating, counseling, assisting and mentoring.

This organization was inspired by an individual who had aged-out of an orphanage and then experienced being adopted as an adult.

Her passion to give a voice to aged out orphans was shared by another adult adoptee, and they co-founded this nonprofit to give hope and spread awareness.


To empower adult orphans with opportunities and support.


To change perception towards adult orphans into positive awareness

What We Do

We provide scholarships. | We host holiday events. | We provide mentorships. | We advocate. | We raise funds.

Board Members

Snippets of Board Member Stories

group photo of all board members


I tell people that my childhood is like a puzzle with missing pieces. I really had no childhood, as one might typically think of it


I consciously hid my resentment and bitterness because I felt sincerely grateful to my parents and did not want them to think they had somehow failed


I was an unwed teenage mother faced with questions of my future and that of my unborn child. I wonder how different my life would have been had I been faced with the lack of options these mothers in Korea are faced with today. Here I had a family that loved and supported me as I raised my daughter


I feel fortunate to have been placed in a family. It wasn’t a perfect family by an stretch of the imagination. However, I had security, love, parenting and a safety net to catch me when I needed one.


My name at birth was Chun Larry. I was born in Uijeongbu, South Korea. My biological mother kept me
for several years. When I was born, I had red hair and I was obviously mixed race.


I realized that it could have been her being adopted and me being the orphan. What an eye opener it was for me to see Julie living in Korea with no family to support her


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Stories About People

Myeong Hoon

Graduated from his orphanage at the age of 18 and was unprepared for independent living.

Read More about Myeong Hoon’s Story


I really wish I knew when I was born and what my birth name was.

Read More about Grace’s Story


In my childhood, I was one of the five oldest of twenty-six children in the orphanage. But, despite my role as a big sister, I could not offer anything to my youngsters.


At the age of six, his father placed him in an orphanage because there was no one to care for him while his father was at work.


“I support overseas adoption. In case of domestic adoption, Koreans adopt a child and tend to think of themselves as a child. But, overseas adoptees might live in a better environment, not be discriminated against and be loved freely. I think they also can do everything confidently when they come back to Korea because they can speak English and basically love Korea. I’ve thought about adoption, If I was adopted overseas I believe my life would change.”        

Female, age mid 50’s

“If I were adopted overseas, I would grow up in a better environment, be loved by adoptive parents and get married. In my opinion, overseas adoption is better than domestic adoption. Foreign adoptive parents are more open minded about adoption and nurture their children with love. If I met foreign adoptive parents who had religious piety, I would live a different life.”

Female, age mid 50’s

“What if I were adopted overseas? I might live a better life. If I were adopted overseas, I would have parents who I could call mama and papa, be loved by them and be happy in the family. I could go to a college, become a missionary, make friends of faith and follow my dream. But because I’m not, I’m still looking for my parents to be happy.”

Female, age mid 50’s

“After graduation from middle school, I worked as a volunteer for Holt Children’s Services Inc for 1year. I shined shoes to make money there during that time and got 10,000~20,000won once a month. As I look back, I’m proud of myself at that time. At Holt Children’s Services Inc I met Korean adoptees who grew up overseas, one of them came back to korea. After that I had dreamed of adoption and tried. But sadly, I was treated like I was invisible there. If I was adopted overseas I wouldn’t be like that. If I met foreign adoptive parents, I would succeed socially, get their love and change my life. I live alone now, honestly I want to be adopted overseas even now.”

Female, age mid 50’s

Eligibility For Scholarship


  1. Must be currently enrolled in college. (Provide proof of enrollment). Submit a copy of notarized school registration.
  2. Must attend Love Beyond the Orphanage events.
  3. Must follow Love Beyond the Orphanage’s Code of Conduct.
  4. Must agree to allow Love Beyond the Orphanage to use any successful applicant’s photograph in Love Beyond the Orphanage social media and for other promotion purposes.
  5. Must agree to submit monthly updates.
  6. Must possess a positive view of adoption and orphans rights.
  7. Must have no other private financial support.
  8. Must maintain a 2.5 or higher GPA.
  9. Submit copy of notarized college transcript by Jan 31st (of the current year) for scholarship recipient.

Volunteer/Contact Info

If you would like to volunteer at a fundraiser, participate at a holiday event, host an aged-out adult for a home-stay visit tutor English, or if you just want to inquire then please fill out this contact form

Thank You / Acknowledgments

Love Beyond the Orphanage would like to Thank and Acknowledge our Volunteers

러브 비욘드 디 올퍼니지에서는 우리의 자원봉사자들께 감사드립니다. 


“God is not unjust; He will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.”   Hebrews 6:10.

We salute the following individuals who have graciously provided their time and resources to partner with us in advocating for the rights of aged-out orphans. Their generous support has been instrumental in the work of Love Beyond the Orphanage, and we are thankful for their efforts.

Special recognition goes to Kimberly Hanson, of Omaha, Nebraska, who played a critical role in co-founding our organization, and for her leadership in building a strong foundation.

David Ko (고 대현) – SOYF.Cr.Kr. / Seoul, Korea

Mr. Oh Chang-Hwa – mpak.org / Seoul, Korea

Susie Cordero (Adoptee) / Omaha, Nebraska

Grace Song / Seoul, Korea

Lora Song / Seoul, Korea

Kim Jae Hwa / Seoul, Korea

Ami Gibson (Adoptee) / Eugene, Oregon

Mia Behr / Portland, Oregon

Zach Larson / Portland, Oregon

Emma Duvall /Portland, Oregon

Taylor Hanson / Omaha, Nebraska

Pastor Intae Kim / Grand Rapids, Michigan

MH Lee / Busan, Korea

JH Lee / Busan, Korea

Eun-Jin Choi / Seoul, Korea

Barbara Kim / Seoul, Korea

Zoe Duvall-Hendrickson / Portland, Oregon

 Kay Kwak / Seoul, Korea

Kian Linn / Portland, Oregon