Anita’s Story

I was adopted at the age of six months through the Holt Adoption Program in June of 1963 to a family in a small rural town in Oregon. I was adopted along with another girl whom my parents had been sponsoring in Busan, Korea. She was six years old. I was seriously ill when I made the trip to the USA. Mr. Harry Holt, himself, held me in his arms for most of the three day trip. I was immediately hospitalized upon landing and was there for ten days. My parents had already adopted a girl from Oregon and later had my little brother. We were an adoptive family.

I am very grateful to have been brought into this family of modest means, but flourishing with unconditional love for all of us. I was an unwed teenage mother faced with questions of my future and that of my unborn child. I wonder how different my life would have been had I been faced with the lack of options these mothers in Korea are faced with today. Here, I had a family that loved and supported me as I raised my daughter.

I am happily married with a daughter, two sons and five grandchildren. I have a full, happy and blessed life. I was one of the lucky ones. I am so honored to be able to serve this much needed worthy cause for those who don’t have an option or a voice or a future that is bright as they age out of the orphanage. For those who are looked down upon orphans, we all deserve a champion.