Blair’s Story

My name at birth was Chun Larry. I was born in Uijeongbu, South Korea. My biological mother kept me
for several years. When I was born, I had red hair and I was obviously mixed race. At about the age of
two years old, my mother relinquished me to David Kim and Harry Holt, and I was taken to Ilsan
My parents, Allan and Barbara King managed a large cattle and apple ranch in the central Sierra
Mountains of California in Mariposa County. My parents wanted to adopt a mixed race “war-orphan.”
According to David Kim, at the time I was adopted, the philosophy was to save lives; consequently, if a
child was very sick, they received priority for adoption and leaving Korea. I was very sick. In fact, I was
so sick I spent the first night in the United States in a hospital.
Later in life, as a young adult in my early twenties, I returned to Korea on several “mother-land” trips.
On one particular trip I visited Ilsan. While I visited Ilsan, I met a few “maintenance guys.” They had
lived their entire lives at the Ilsan Orphanage. As we talked via an interpreter, we came to the
conclusion that I had been at Ilsan at the same time they had been at Ilsan. Here I was talking with
people my age, who had not been adopted, and they had limited opportunities, while on the other
hand, I who had been adopted, was attending college and planning for a career and family, which I have
been fortunate enough to realize. Those at Ilsan have always been on my mind, and motivate me now
to participate with Love Beyond the Orphanage.
I hope to bring my experience and expertise to the Board of Love Beyond the Orphanage. I want to see
the mission thrive. To provide assistance to those who have not had the opportunities that I have had,
and to give a helping hand to those, who through no fault of their own, were not given the opportunities
that I have received.
I am married to Nancy Adams who is also an adoptee and a former Holt International Adoption Board
Member. We have three daughters ranging in age from 30 to 24