Current Scholarship Recipients




(Female, 25 years old) 

CEJ is an incredibly hardworking young woman. She was a recipient of LBTO scholarships in the past and graduated with a degree in the social services field. At the same time, she is working and attending graduate school to receive her Master’s of Social Work (MSW). She is also helping her two younger sisters, who also aged out of the orphanage. All three live together in an apartment CEJ found. CEJ also volunteers her time to help LBTO with logistical challenges and communication with other aged-out individuals.  




(Male, 26 years old) 

 JWJ has many challenges after leaving the orphanage. He had received an ROTC loan, but he became ill in the middle of his studies and could not continue. As he had already used the loan to pay for his classes and was sick, he could not repay the loan. He is currently in his 2nd year of graduate school. Upon graduation, he hopes to get a job and pay back the loan.  



(Female, 21 years old) 

KKH is an artistically gifted young woman with an upbeat personality. She is a senior in college studying Korean Traditional Art, design, and set design. There are many specialized classes for her to take outside of her university studies. She fills her winter and summer breaks with these classes when she can pay for them.  



(Female, 22 years old) 

KYR is a hardworking young lady overcoming many disappointments in her short life. She is a college graduate with a degree in Tourism. She is currently studying English full time so that she can become fluent. Knowing English will give her an advantage. Her dream is to come to the USA to work in tourism.  



(Female, 23 years old) 

LHL is a very organized young lady studying Social Welfare with the dream of becoming a social worker. She is a senior in college. Before COVID hit, she volunteered in a nursery a she enjoys working with infants. LHL is able be reflect and evaluate past actions and improve her actions. She is determined, and able, to succeed in her endeavors.  


(Female, 20 years old) 

LSH is in her 3rd year of college. She used to help with the younger children at the orphanage and realized she loves young children and wants to help shape their lives. LSH is planning on being an elementary school teacher. To be the best one, she is taking music classes, piano, and guitar. LSH has a volunteer heart.  



(Female, 23 years old) 

LYB is starting her studies this year. She has medical conditions that caused a delay in her studies, and she was very self-conscious. Even though LYB is shy, she has a ready smile for you. She has finally been able to get the proper medical care that has helped. LYB will be studying Social Welfare and hopes to become a social worker. 




(Male, 20 years old) 

YDB is an engaging young man who has a passion for helping people. He has not had the advantage to enter medical school directly from high school. In Korea, any enter medical school directly from HS. The other way to gain admittance into medical school you must pass a test. To counter this disadvantage he is studying at an academy so that he may pass the medical school entrance exam. He is devoting all of his time to classes and studying.  He would definitely be an asset to the medical community.