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To empower Adult Orphans with opportunities and support.

Since the passing of the Special Adoption Law in 2012 in Korea, there has been an increase in unadoptable orphans due to the requirement of birth mothers having to register their family names which most do not want to do. Read more to learn about the struggle birth mothers face.

Birth Mother Letter NO.1

Original Birth Mother’s Letter

The baby was born on February 15, 2015, around 12:30 AM.
I am a 28 years-old unwed mother. Everything is at my fault. Ten months ago I was a working woman, and I didn’t find out about my pregnancy until after six months have passed. I drank and smoked a lot, and I sought ways to abort the child by looking for information through internet. I had no money to afford an abortion, and I did not have a chance even to buy the baby items. And I knew I could not work as my tummy continued to expand. I thought about killing both of us together to escape the problem, but that went on for a few months and the baby was born early on February 15th. I cannot be discovered. I must resolve this somehow… I tried this and that, including the option adoption, but was told that the baby’s record will be on my record. I suppose something could be done if I knew who the father was, but I was involved with many men, and I do not know who it is. I feel so sad that the baby had to be born from me. It is because this 28 years-old unwed mother did not deliver a baby with blessings. I know there are those that eventually speak with their parents to help in their situation to raise the children, but I do not have that kind of courage. I hope the baby will grow with blessings. I have lived a failed life for the past 28 years. I hope the baby will live with a name ‘Hope’ and be healthy… The baby’s only fault is that she met the wrong mother.
Reposted with permission from Steve Morrison from MPAK
Translated by Steve Morrison, Founder of MPAK (Mission to Promote Adoption of Kids). MPAK.com

Birth Mother Letter NO.2

Original Birth Mother’s Letter

Hi baby,
You were born on May 6th at 8:31 pm and weighted 3.4kg. You were not ready to be born, even after the due date, so I was induced and after 7 hours of painful labor, you were born. I am sorry to leave you without nursing you. You might have an image of me as the worst person, and I am so sorry for being irresponsible. By the time I found out I was pregnant with you, it was too late to abort you. I am so sorry to put the burden of this misfortune on you. Whatever your path may be, I wish you good health and success. When you were inside of me, and as I write this to you now, I am sorry for not taking care of you as your mom. I wish to fill you with only good things in your life. I am sorry baby.

A Note From Julie:
This is what the baby’s birth mother wrote. I wanted to translate it so we can understand the reality of what has been happening since the change in South Korea’s adoption law. The translation may not be perfect, but it certainly conveys her message. We should not judge the birth mothers’ ultimate choice. It was the law that gave her only one option. And because of the new law, so many babies are brought to orphanages. A baby does not choose to be an orphan. A mother surely does not want her baby to grow up in an institution. Really tragic! Prayers for all birth mothers and babies. This is why Love Beyond the Orphanage has been established, so orphans will know that they are loved and cared for beyond the age of 18.
Reposted with permission from Steve Morrison from MPAK (Mission to Promote Adoption of Kids). MPAK.com
Translated by Julie Duvall