Scholarship Application Criteria

  1. Must be pursuing further educational opportunities,
    i.e., vocational training, English studies, specialized tutoring. (Provide proof of enrollment/registration).
  2. Must attend Love Beyond the Orphanage events.
  3. Must follow Love Beyond the Orphanage’s Code of Conduct.
  4. Must agree to allow Love Beyond the Orphanage to use any successful applicant’s photograph in Love Beyond the Orphanage social media and for other promotion purposes.
  5. Must agree to submit monthly updates.
  6. Must possess a positive view of adoption and orphans’ rights.

Additional considerations:

– Whether the applicant has family members who may be able to provide financial support.

– Engagement in volunteer activities.

– Church attendance and involvement.

* Important notes: 

– Meeting Love Beyond the Orphanage criteria does not guarantee a scholarship award.

– Applications must be submitted no later than December 27th, 2022.

– An annual reassessment will determine the renewal of any scholarship.

– Scholarships are terminated if the recipient takes a hiatus from school.

– Former recipients must reapply.

– It is the sole discretion of Love Beyond the Orphanage to terminate a scholarship at any time.

– Applicants must submit documentation such as receipts for expenses which must be submitted with each monthly report.

Please submit your application as a Word or Google Document to